Why Buy Second Hand

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The first tip I would give to someone who is new to sustainable fashion would be to buy second hand, and only buy what is required. In life, we actually need a lot less than we think and while buying from ethical companies is a good thing, it still requires a lot of energy and resources to create sustainable clothes. So I recommend buying second hand where possible and turning to sustainable and ethical brands for those items you really need and unable to buy second hand.

Coming from someone who practices in sustainable fashion as much as possible, my top tip is to first spend a month or two only wearing what’s already in your closet and not to worry about buying new clothes from ethical brands at the start. It can feel overwhelming but to focus on what you have already is key. What do you like? What do you feel great in? Aim to find a sense of your personal style first.

For me, sustainable fashion is learning to shop with purpose. This means investing in quality over quantity and shopping with a capsule wardrobe mindset. Learn to discover your personal style and at the same time select items that are versatile enough to be wearable with most of your wardrobe and invest in long lasting materials like organic cotton, linen, silk and wool

When you are investing in fashion, think long term and trans-seasonal too. It is good practice to try and buy items that can be worn all year round, paired back in summer or layered up in winter. When you fall out of love with something, don’t throw it away, recycle it, swap it with a friend or donate it. If something breaks, repair it or re-purpose it. A sustainable wardrobe is one filled with a mix of pre-loved fashion, up-cycled fashion, slow fashion and good quality lifetime garments.

Shopping with intent will help prevent you from buying things you don’t need.