Threads & Fibre


Hey I’m Sophie

I am the founder of Threads & Fibre and am here to help you find nearly new, second hand garments to inspire your wardrobe, mixing the old with the new. I have been shopping second-hand fashion my whole life which has been a big hobby of mine hence creating this business. 

My love of sustainable styling began when I was studying for my degree in Visual Merchandising at The London School of Fashion which provided me a career in the fashion industry before I started my family.  I decided to share my passion and love of fashion by creating Threads & Fibre, an online selling platform showcasing in season on trend, nearly new and used items of clothing.

When I am not working on Threads & Fibre, I am a full time mum to our four gorgeous children, Ava, Dottie, Woody & Peggy whom my love of fashion has most certainly rubbed off on.  If you follow my family Instagram – Goldens at Home, you will most likely see them in matching old and new treasures!