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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

I think it is safe to say we are now much more conscious of our shopping trends these days
and understand a lot more about the importance of sustainability.

Investing in key pieces and building a staple wardrobe with a mixture of new and old provides our personal styling new life.

In past years, buying second-hand clothing was maybe not considered by many of us, if someone bought used clothing, most would assume they simply could not afford new clothes. It is now much more of a consideration for so many and investing in second-hand has become a popular trend in fashion.

If you are an individual who worships the tag, you’re likely to find many recycled, brand-name clothes available on my platform. It is a great way to suit your stylish needs while saving a bundle and helping the environment.

Shopping second hand gives clothing a deserved new life and is a great way to practice sustainability in the fashion industry. It is a choice that can shrink our fashion footprint and in a small way help our environmental impact. If we slowly create a priority to shop investment pieces with ethical fashion and choose consignment
over new, we'll be putting clothes back into circulation that can be worn again.

A dress that no longer fits someone else might be a perfect fit for you. Many pieces of clothing, especially those of good quality, can survive for decades if they are treated well. Unfortunately, too many of us tend to throw away clothes after a year or two of wearing them because they have become unfashionable or don't fit
us anymore. Discarded clothes take up valuable space in landfills that should only be occupied by materials that are not reusable or recyclable.

We all know that fashion repeats itself. New versions of styles that were once considered old-fashioned suddenly reappear in stores all the time. So instead of buying the same as everyone else, shop second-hand and find a one-of-a-kind items so your look has a more authentic feel.